• Find reliable artists – drama free/no-brainer: Read the reviews left by other shops and decide
  • Create a wishlist of artists and invite them
  • Confidentially chat with the artist prior to hosting them
  • Review the artists and give them a recommendation
  • Privately message them afterwards to give them advice
  • Easily manage your calendar of guests

  • Find Guestspots and jobs around the world easily.
  • Select safe and friendly professional studio recommended by others.
  • Give a recommendation and leave a review to the studios that host you.
  • Privately message the studio to give advice to the owner.
  • Easily manage your next trips and your calendar.

Professional tattoo artist reading looking for a job


Join our facebook group TATTOO ARTISTS WITHOUT BORDERS and already connect with thousands of studios and professional artists looking to travel for the art.

All our members regularly receive discounts and opportunities from big suppliers in the industry.

We also make sure that we offer a tailored service by answering all your questions or put you in touch with someone in the industry that can help you. Just join us in the facebook group and talk the admin.

Finding a studio as a tattoo artist has never been that easy!

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